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Illustrations by Fortuné Méaulle for Alphabet des Insectes by Leon Becker 
(France, 1883)

The scans come from the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

A previously-covered Cotsen exhibit says about the book:

Insects stand in for people in this highly fanciful French alphabet. In addition to weight-lifting or parading down the boulevard, they file into church, ice skate, duel, dance, sail, paint, serenade a lover or invite her to dance, and, of course, improve their minds reading.

Hetzel was one of the most important publishers of children’s books in late nineteenth-century France, whose publications were distinguished by their handsome gold-stamped cloth bindings and excellent illustrations.

You can see covers Meaulle (fr.wiki) did for Le Petit Journal here.


INVITATION - Tumblr Artist

Sagmeister & Walsh | Stefan Sagmeister (b.1962, Austria/USA) - The Happy Show | on Tumblr

Stefan Sagmeister is a designer who blends typography and imagery in striking, fresh, ambitious, and unsettling ways. Having influenced the culture of design over the past decade, he is perhaps best known for his album covers for Talking Heads, Lou Reed, OK Go, and The Rolling Stones, to name only a few, as well as innovative campaigns, for companies like Levis, that have entered the public consciousness.

In addition to individual works, some of which have been custom-made for this exhibition, The Happy Show includes a personal narrative, as Sagmeister’s individual experience is portrayed beside social data detailing the role of age, gender, race, money, and other factors that determine happiness. This thematically focused exhibition presents work in film, print, infographics, sculpture, and interactive installations.

The Happy Show is actually on at La Gaîté lyrique
3 bis rue Papin
 75003 Paris - till 9 March 2014
Photo @ Institute of Contemporary Art’s (ICA) exhibition view

[more Stefan Sagmeister]

Swiss Army knife of vans.
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